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Frank Ruffing

Thanks for posting this, and for tightening up the presentation. Seven years in prison with no access to computers, and longer than that fighting a davidean legal battle, would make anyone's presentation skills rusty. This reads well. Keeps the flame burning...



Rom Koziol

I see it differently. On the other hand, 7 years without computers would free the mind from the clutter of emails, noise, etc. ... the problem we all know, the problem we all have.

I envy/respect Martin's ability to focus, his mind is razor sharp. His writings reflect that clarity .... without the fancy Power Points.

Power to him.


Martin Armstrong is great. I am waiting eagerly to witness another history in the making.

20 April 2009


is there a book list that you can suggest to further understand your model. I hope you get out next year.


Isn't Martin Armstrong the guy who got convicted for defrauding his investors?


Oh, yeah, I like this part..."2007.15 that market the high in US real estate and the Japanese markets."
Really? The U.S. real estate market peaked on Feb 26, 2007? Gee, I'd hate to be the guy who bought that final over-priced house on that date. Do you think he's been foreclosed on yet?


Maybe if he's lucky, and he behaves himself, they'll let him out of prison after serving 8.6 years. Ha ha ha.


McLovin you are about as funny as Cancer. Armstrong has already been in jail over 9 years. I wouldn't expect an idiot like you the have the facts straight. Maybe if your lucky you will learn how to read.


I'm russian and i though such crap happens only in my country - but no, they wanna keep his mouth shut in America, former bright spot on the Earth.

And yes they have primal fear of any model or mind that is over their limits. Because their only good they sell is a perception of control. If people know they don't control anything - why whould anyone pay them any taxes and keep obeying? Hell no, we would rather drop coins to make decisions - with equal final results but a giant economy in the administrative costs.

Goddamn it, you're really John Galt, man!
Keep it up and don't give up!
Proceed with your work - someday the politicians will run the world into final end and then the next generations will learn from your ideas.
So you're doing it not only for us - but also for the future.

Gordon Owen

Given the context of the following sentence, I suspect the sentence beginning with "Perhaps the first misconception..." needs a "not" added just before the three sentences. Still. this is much better than an earlier version posted elsewhere.


Gordon Owen

Make that "just before the three choices." Which proves I make a lot more mistakes per sentence than whoever was good enough to edit and post this important article!!



McLovin, "2007.15 that market the high in US real estate and the Japanese markets.
Really? The U.S. real estate market peaked on Feb 26, 2007? Gee,..." maybe you should check out the chart of The U.S. real estate market index IYR, yes there are actual indexes that follow these markets, tip for the future, have knowledge before you open your ignorant mouth


2007.15 was the peak of the U.S. BANKING INDEX

btw, which market turned on April 19th?


money markets in Asia, however I don't know what it means

The Bald Man

So very nice pictures...but...we standed with the air blowing into our faces
...nothing happened in April !! Still Dow Jones & Stand&Poors going smoothly up.

Guess all models are by definition fragile...being Armstrong's either Geithner-Bernanke-Paulson.

Salut !!


cfr - look at the L-T bonds (TLT)

Louis Paquette

Canadian Stocks are doing the exact opposite of this model. There is 'panic buying" on the TSX and the index chart has gone verticle. Commodity prices are also firming which shows confidence in the economy. The only thing crashing right now is long term treasury bills. Glad I sit on some inverse bond ETFs right now.;-)

Marty Mar

It was treasury bonds that peaked

Mister Snitch

Your story rings true, because I have known people forced to stand up against the state. Their experience has been similar.

The most important thing is that you survive this. I have only recently become aware of this blog and your situation. Is there anything sympathizers can do to help you in any way? Think about this, if you have not already.


Oh you people are like sheep.....

The US index turned on April 19 2009

and it will turn up on April 16 2010. The US index will go up to 95/96 cents by Jan 2011-June 2011 only to drop to 41 by Dec 2012 or prior.

The ES will get to 1134 by March 16 or Apr 2-5, YM to 10590-600 by March 16, Apr 2-5, TF & NQ get the bozo traders on Wall and Bay street to figure it out.

Gold will get to $1182-1185 by Apr 2/5, Silver maybe ask those great money managers on BNN ( bunch of educated fools).

The lows will be Gold $640-614, silver $9-8, ES to 550 then 420-380, YM to 5500 then 4200-3800, Sugar to 15 then 8-10 only to test $45-66 in 2014/15.

Remember..." You can only have a feast for Satan when the sheep have been slaughtered" Satan asks and will receive from his Wall Street followers.

I see too many educated people running money when they NEVER ever traded or put their own money at risk....but they get these jobs only to lose billions/trillions. It meant to happen..its meant that all the American people lose their money, except the Satans people.

The future is know from the rebel Jesus for "It is written so shall it be done."

Please, the less religious you are the better as all religions on earth are apostate. From your gov't to Wall Street to the Dems and Republicans to 911 its all a scam, lie...for what you see is a lie and not the truth. As a rebel you will see the truth for Satan is already here and using his 2 witnesses.

Give it a try...Who controls your gov't/Wall Street/media/TV/Hollywood/Music/Obama.....Why are most Americans who are 97% Christian by religion, broke and poor in the Richest most Powerful country on Earth. "Nothing happens by chance, for if were to happen by chance then Satan is not in Control."

Communism ends...and we get another trumped up enemy. I guess the Wall Street bankers had enough of the charade of the cold war....

Definetly not what Jesus the Rebel professed..............they is a universal being that will show up after Satan has his one world gov't has its rule and capital on the 7 hills...its not Rome, nor Moscow but ???? Its in the Middle East and Its not Iran. All the religious people are being led down the path to hell, especially Hagee.

Like in the Garden of Eden, a snake came upon Adam and Eve. Well you have the snake in America...deceiving all through religion. The snake moves by deception, pitting one against the other safe in the middle....Christians vs Muslims....deception.

9 11 help save me......

9/11 help I being bombed....by the snake.

See the deception. They even used the same symbol as for help. Snake. "By way of deception, I do battle." geez where have I heard this slogan.

Go check which group has the snake as their symbol on their logos.....it will get you thinking.

Good luck you we will need it. Depression in 2032...but first a real boom much,much before then and then globalization ends and we get depression. Then One world gov't before the universal being/savior comes to destroy the Temple of Satan and kill all who believed in him.

The true warriors will be saved as Satan will not win..."It is written so shall it be done."

jyoti chhajer


You seem to be using Marty's timeline for your projections for the 2015 boom and 2032 depression but he has nowhere projected the estimates you are using for your targets for Dow, S&P and Gold. Marty seems to be thinking that we will hit a new high right after labor day but you are projecting the peak (not a new high) before that (March, April timeframe).

Are you using some other chart to supplement Marty's analysis?

Thanks for your clarification.


Commodity prices are also firming which shows confidence in the economy. The only thing crashing right now is long term treasury bills.

Jeffry Gordon

We had this topic during our economical class and I nothing have understood but now after reading this whole article, I'm starting to understand some concepts and problems, thanks for the effort

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So very nice pictures...but...we standed with the air blowing into our faces
...nothing happened in April !! Still Dow Jones & Stand&Poors going smoothly up.

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