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boris chikvashvili

BUY-SELL-PRESSURE is at the extreme
not seen for the period of this chart.
But you know, you can go 10's of miles
before you "really are out of gas".
So, give the market 1-4 days of churn and
see if it is ready for a dive.
To see the chart goto..

Good Trading

boris chikvashvili

Real Time Update, America For Sale
Well, we have our own "nonconcesus" opinions.
We think the markets are ripe for change and we are
taking advantage of these. See them below.

Sorted the hell out of the QQQQ's today and we are
riding the Dollar Collapse and GOLD/OIL uptrend.
If PPT wants to print the Dollars so be it we
are ready. Too bad for fellow ordinary Americans who are suffering the worst management of the economy since the USSR.

PLEASE GO TO http://borisc.blogspot.com to see all these comments
KEEP EURO LONG/DOLLAR SHORT with 27% retracement rule
SELL ALL TRUSTS and 5% OF PIPELINES, left 95% ( cash+bonds ) 5% Pipelines.

Will be back with usual format Later this weekk.

Edit View QQQQ 2/3 stop 44.55, Ride the train 1 comment by boris 7:59:00 AM Delete
Edit View long term protfolio, sell trusts, sell 5% pipeline... 2 comments by boris 7:20:00 AM Delete
Edit View take 1/3 qqqq profits now by boris 7:14:00 AM Delete
Edit View Those short bkx, stops at 114 by boris 7:04:00 AM Delete
Edit View place half stop at 44.50 half at 44.55 by boris 7:02:00 AM Delete
Edit View cancell all stops by boris 7:00:00 AM Delete
Edit View qqqq stop now at 44.50 by boris 6:55:00 AM Delete
Edit View collect 1/2 profits at QQQQ at 44.27 by boris 6:54:00 AM Delete
Edit View very important to break 44.41 by boris 6:53:00 AM Delete
Edit View QQQQ stop at 44.55, breakeven by boris 6:52:00 AM Delete
Edit View Sold qqqq at 44.55. stop at 44.65 by boris 6:49:00 AM Delete
Edit View Jig Is Up, Folks by boris 5:07:00 AM Delete
Edit View No Help, Going Down, by boris 5:06:00 AM Delete
Edit View Who would believed this morning! 6 comments by boris 11/24/06 Delete
Edit View AMERICA FOR SALE! 9 comments by boris 11/24/06 Delete
Edit View Market Cornered Itself by boris 11/24/06 Delete
Edit View Happy Turky Day America! 7 comments by boris 11/22/06 Delete
Edit View Nobody Forget, Resistance Attracts by boris 11/22/06 Delete
Edit View Please Note.... BUY-SELL-PRESSURE CHART 2 comments by boris 11/22/06 Delete
Edit View better hold this 44.30 or 44.16 is next 9 comments by boris 11/22/06 Delete
Edit View Support here at 44.47 and 44.40 2 comments by boris 11/22/06 Delete
Edit View Rally unlikely by boris 11/22/06 Delete
Edit View Still Volnurable by boris 11/22/06 Delete
Edit View this trendline holding up every pullback by boris 11/21/06 Delete
Edit View Ok Just about even today 4 comments by boris 11/21/06 Delete

Boris Chikvashvili

boris chikvashvili

The Stock Market is wounded and dangerous.
Look at the chart at http://borisc.blogspot.com
It is from these kind of oversold levels
that market has been able to rise, for last
3 months. I do not see high probability for
New highs this time, but shorts must be
carefully monitored and Market needs to be
given time/space to fail in the rally before
declaring it dead.
Keep Shorts with a 44.55 stop on 1/3 QQQQ.
Keep Long GOLD/XOI/EURO and short $USDOLLAR
with 27% retracement rule.

boris chikvashvili

Most dangerous day!Today...
If the market surges it would have avoided the death. Tomorrow, also important, but less so.
Tune in for intraday updates
Good Trading
To read more go to



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